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Experience Design Intern

May 2023 – Aug 2023


During my summer internship at Ford, I had the privilege of creating a vehicle accessory to fulfill Ford’s mission to provide freedom of movement for everyone.


Although the work I completed remains confidential, I’m excited to share a brief summary of the project process as well as my professional growth and development.  


Created a seat belt accessory to fulfill Ford's mission to provide freedom of movement for everyone


Collaborating across different disciplines at Ford including the safety & restraints team, marketing teams, and color and materials team 


Solving the need for this accessory from start, through research, interviews, ideation, prototyping, user testing, 3D modeling & rendering to presenting the final accessory to a panel of Ford managers


Communicated with an Experience Architect to develop a list of requirements for the production design and manufacturing team

I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work on something so impactful surrounded by an amazing group of people!

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