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Dare Forward 2040

Stellantis has created a strategic plan called Dare Forward 2040 that aims to achieve carbon net zero by the year 2038.


Brands have become increasingly aware conscious of how the products they create impact the planet. This includes considering the materials and processes used to manufacture products.

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The Dare Forward 2040 Jeep Wrangler seat concept is designed with a unique in-vehicle experience and a detachable outdoor experience. The concept adapts to the changing needs of the user and remains consistent with the Wrangler’s removable components.


  • Extending seat lifespan

  • Creating numerous use cases that extend beyond the vehicle

  • Adapts to changing needs of the user

  • Created with recycled parts/ materials

  • Simplifying its manufacturing process

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Inside & Outside Experience

The Dare Forward 2040 Jeep Wrangler seat concept has it’s unique in-vehicle experience and a detachable outdoor experience.

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Sustainably Crafted 

The Dare Forward 2040 seat concept is crafted with a focus on sustainability. The material selection was thoroughly researched to provide the seat with sustainable alternatives, weight reduction, and minimizing the manufacturing processes compared to current vehicle seats.

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On Brand

Removable seating for outdoor use fits within Jeep users as the feature caters to young outdoorsy people that spend a large time in the outdoors off-roading, camping, and lounging on the beach.

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Entertainment System

Vehicle passengers can access unique driving features on the rear-seat entertainment system. The expanded vehicle screen show’s users real time data of the vehicle in motion including its orientation, pitch & roll, direction and force.  

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Outdoor Device

Remove entertainment system for outdoor usage.


Bluetooth connect to your phone for music outdoors

Wireless Charging

Charge your phone outdoors

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